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April, 2019

Spring is finally here and Kirby Woods is in full bloom with the daffodils and dogwood trees. 
The streets are crowded with neighbors walking,
jogging, strolling babies, and walking dogs. 
It is a time to get outdoors and meet your neighbors.

If you have a business or service you would like to promote, please contact Missy Rainer,, because KWNA is a great way to get the word out!

The Mt. Moriah Precinct hosts a neighborhood watch meeting the second Tuesday of every month at
6:00 in the evening.  Food and beverages are
provided by the neighbors in the precinct. 
This is a great way of getting to know the
patrolmen and women who serve and protect us. 
At the March meeting, Colonel Oakley, gave tips for keeping our homes safe.

  •  A)    All exterior doors should be metal or solid wood.  Use door hinges on the inside of the door with non- removable or hidden pins.  Every entry should be well lighted and have a view so you can see who is outside without opening the door.

  • B)  Always keep doors and windows locked, use double cylinder deadbolts that extend at least 1” when in locked position.  If your door has windows, security glazing can be applied or shatterproof glass can be used.

  • C)   If you have sliding glass doors, you can install keyed locking devices that secure door to frame. 
    You can use a piece of wood or metal bar in track to prevent door opening even if lock is jimmied or removed.

  • D)   You can have keyed locking devices on windows to prevent them from being raised from outside, but make sure everyone knows where key is in case of emergency.  The “pin” trick is also an easy way of securing windows.  Drill an angled hole through top frame of lower window partially into frame of upper window, then insert nail or eyebolt.  Windows cannot be opened until the object is removed.

  • E)    Lighting is one of the most cost effective deterrents to burglary.  Indoor lighting gives impression that a home is occupied.  Consider automatic timer to switch interior lights on and off if you are going to be away.  Outdoor lighting can eliminate hiding places.  Install exterior lighting near porches, all doorways and garage doors.  Entry ways to your home should always be well lighted.  Place lights out of reach from ground so bulbs cannot be removed.  Aim lights away from house so you can see if anyone is approaching, or install motion-sensing lights.

  • F)    Landscaping should provide maximum visibility to and from your house.  Trim shrubbery and provide light on dense shrubbery and trees that could be used as hiding places.  Cut back tree limbs from house so they cannot be used to climb in windows.

  • According to Colonel Oakley, gun thefts from cars present major problems for the police.  If you need a gun lock, you can obtain one from the Precinct.

  • There has been discussion regarding the panhandlers on corners close to KW.  Colonel Oakley advises to not give money, but instead offer bottled waters or snacks.  Unless they are being aggressive towards drivers and in the lanes of traffic, there is nothing the police can do.  If you think they are being aggressive, call 545-Cops, the non-emergency number to report.

  • The Skycop cameras and LPRs (license plate readers) have been successful in apprehending suspects.

  • The Mt. Moriah Precinct is in need of books for its library also.  You can deliver the books, both children’s and adults, to the precinct.

  • A CopStop will be planned soon and information will be posted on KWNA Members face book page and website.

  • Every KWNA member who has given an email address has been invited to join the KWNA Members face book group.  Please encourage your fellow members to join, and if you have neighbors who have not joined KWNA, please ask them to join.  If you have any suggestions regarding events you would like to see in KW or anything with regard to beautification of KW, please contact a board member who is listed on the website.


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