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Neighborhood Communication Options
The Association occasionally sends e-mail to members from the and addresses. This is to keep our members e-mail addresses protected when we send e-mail. These lists are manually maintained and are not automatically updated when a member changes their address on their individual record. Note: members cannot send to this address.

Report Lost Pets
To report a lost or found pet, email – Please advise where the pet was found, where it is being kept, a phone number and a picture, if possible. Note:  E-mail will not go out for a pet seen roaming the area.  Cannot e-mail? Contact Mark at 491-8424.

Welcome New Neighbors  
 Let us know of new neighbors so we can welcome them! Please include their name and address plus their phone number if known  by emailing 

Send and Receive Security Related Emails
The Association created an e-mail address ( that members can opt-in to.  The following section describes how to opt-in and the rules surrounding it.  
  • How to add your email to this list:
    Send an e-mail to to have your e-mail address added to a list of recipients of e-mail about security and crime.  
  • How to send security emails:
    Once added to the list you can send an e-mail to and everyone on the list will get your e-mail. Your e-mail goes right out to all on the list:  no moderator and no filtering.
This address was created to allow members to contact those on the list who have consented (by opting in) to receive such e-mail from other residents.  Senders should refrain from sending other than factual, known information and not comment too much, understanding that this will add to the volume of members e-mail.   
E-mail from the address includes the following in the header to help identify it in your inbox:  [KWNA Crime Watch].  Those who are on the e-mail list can send unrestricted e-mail to all that are on the list when sending from the e-mail account for that which is on the list.  To be clear:  if you have multiple e-mail accounts and send from one that is not on the list it will bounce, to protect the users (recipients).  Recipients (others on the list) can reply to the sender or to “all”.  

Using e-mail may not be the preferred method of communicating for some but it is one that is used and understood by all KWNA members.  Other methods of communicating about crime concerns may be developed in the future but this is the one place to send to for now for our members.

Join the KWNA Facebook Group:
If you are already a Facebook user and would like to join the private neighborhood group, go to: 
Then select the green button "Join Group".  Because this is a private group, your address will be verified and so might take a few days.  Thanks for your understanding.
There is a Facebook policy concerning posting on our FB page and a letter explaining that policy is available here.



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