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The Kirby Woods Neighborhood Association met on February 26, 2019, pursuant to notice
at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary of Emmanuel United Methodist Church. 
Board members present were: 
Missy Rainer, William Gotten, Walter Wills, Genie Gray and Elaine Hare.

President Missy Rainer opened the meeting welcoming all in attendance. 
The first order of business was to approve the 2019-2020 slate for KWNA Board. 
The following names were presented and approved by acclamation.

President – Missy Rainer, Vice President – Cheryl Mattingly, Past President – Lisa Abbay,
Secretary – Michele Dennis, Treasurer – Brett Seal, Membership – Genie Gray,
New Neighbor Welcome – Shanea McKinney, At Large – Elaine Hare

There are a few more offices that need a representative, so please consider volunteering.

Due to the absence of a Treasurer, the financial report will be
made available as soon as Brett Seal has an opportunity to review the account.

There are currently 225 members in KWNA.

Missy Rainer also welcomed the guest speakers and began by introducing

Councilman Frank Colvett, who presented a State of the City address.
  He also answered questions regarding trash and recycling pick up,
and discussed the budget of the City and the hiring of new police recruits. 
Colonel Joe Oakley, Commander of the East Precinct, was introduced next,
and invited everyone to attend the Neighborhood Watch meeting held the second
Tuesday of every month, 6:00 p.m. at the Mt. Moriah Station.  The next meeting will be
held on Tuesday, March 12
th.  Food is served also.  Colonel Oakley also presented
statistics with regard to success of Sky Cop Cameras.  He stressed the success
of fighting crime with the cameras.  Barry Marshall, President of Security One,
discussed the services that Security One provides to members. 
At this time, there are 111 Security One customers. 
A question was raised with regard to patrol hours staggered into the
late night and early morning hours.  Barry agreed that this could be done.

William Gotten described the Green Bag collection process
and explained to the group how one can get involved.

Missy Rainer discussed the option of “No Solicitation” signage for KWNA members. 
An announcement was made regarding the KWNA Member face book page. 
This face book page will be available only to current KWNA members who
will receive an invitation by email to join. 
The page will be administered by board members.

KWNA 2019 directories are being prepared and will be
delivered to current KWNA members. 
Cop Stops will continue in the spring. 
The KWNA board approved the purchase of meals and treats for the
Mt. Moriah precinct throughout the year in between Cop Stops.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Kirby Woods Garden Club

Yard of the Month

March 2019

Congratulations to Bob and Sarah Black at 2060 Shadowood Cove! They are the yard of the month winners for March! These 25 year residents of Kirby Woods saw an opportunity when they lost a large tree to install new landscaping to take it vantage of their newfound sunshine. They now have the perfect place for year-round color with pansies and inpatiens. Make a special trip to see this gem tucked away on Shadowood Cove!

February 2019

Our February yard of the month winner is Jennilyn Utkov at 6389 Candlewood Cove. Jennilyn has lived in Kirby Woods for 24 years, and the house, yard, and garden have been a labor of love through the years. Even in January, the house stands out with its green, green grass and happy pansies planted around the tree. Don’t miss this site for sore eyes in the dead of the Memphis winter!

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